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Pocketalk S - Note Case

Note Case (Pocketalk S)

  • Artificial leather flippable protective case

  • for Pocketalk S (Brown). 

  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Screen Protector
(Pocketalk S)

  • The screen protector keeps the screen of you Pocketalk portable translator shiny and bright while protecting from scratches and dings.

  • EASY APPLICATION: The Pocketalk screen protector includes one protector and comes with dry cloth, wet cloth, and cotton cloth for easy application.

  • Material: PET Film

  • Compatible with Pocketalk S Only.

Pocketalk S - Screen Protector
Pocketalk - Caddle
Cradle (Pocketalk S)
  • A holder with a charging plug, which Pocketalk device can be placed (Type-C charger).

  • Only for Pocketalk S.

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