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About extension procedure of communication function

If the global communication of the Pocketalk series has expired,
you can extend it by following the procedure below.
You can also continue to use it by connecting to Wi-Fi or tethering on your smartphone.

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How to extend

You can continue to use the communication of this product, which has been used for 2 years, by any of the following methods.

1. Online extension procedure $50 per year

Payment Method: Credit Card, Google pay

2.Purchase of dedicated SIM extension card (prepaid type)

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Series that can extend communication

  • Pocketalk W

model with global communication

The software version must be 3.4.00 / 0.4.2 or higher.

  • Pocketalk S / S plus
    model with global communication

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Extension procedure

1. Access the communication extension page.

2. Please complete the update procedure on the communication extension page.

  Select a renewal plan from 1 year and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment procedure.

3. Check Pocketalk's "Communication Plan" again to see if the deadline has been extended.

  When the deadline is extended, the procedure will be completed.

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